Captiva Island, Sanibel’s Unfussy Sister

Captiva Island, sister island to Sanibel, is connected to Sanibel by a small bridge, known locally as blind-pass. Captiva feels, and is, more remote than it’s sister Sanibel.

You’ll find none of the neon signs, amusement parks, or high-rise condominiums that clutter most beach resorts in the state. But don’t let the humble appearance of the Island fool you, Captiva Island is also home to some of the most beautiful mansions in the world. Although Captiva is less populated than Sanibel, the island is still hopping with a village connected by beach houses and resorts of all sizes and vintages. Much like Sanibel, there is only one way on or off the Island and that is the bridge at blind pass. Turner Beach, at blind pass is also a great location for shelling due to the fact that a nearby inlet allows for a large volume of seashells to collect here. Turner Beach is also highly popular at sunset as it faces due west and provides an amazing view. Visit one of Captiva’s beachfront restaurants, just over the bridge at blind pass, grab a blanket and glass of wine or champagne, and watch what is guaranteed to be one of the most beautiful sunsets you’ve ever seen!

A sand bar that popped up at Blind Pass, Captiva Island, Florida

A huge shell pile up at Blind Pass, Captiva Island, Florida


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