A Few of My Favourite Things

Movies I have loved.

The only way with my 50 something memory, could sort out a list of all the movies I have really enjoyed would be to start with the first movies I ever saw and adored. So long ago and far away, when the wheel was invented, and the world was so much more innocent, these were my first movie loves, Willie Wonka and the chocolate Factory, Gene Wilder was great.  Old Yeller which still makes me cry , Sounder, another really sad one .

To kill a Mockingbird,with the charming Cary Grant, such a good film , watched it with my dad!

The Andromeda Strain, a fabulous and memorable science fiction .When Dustin Hoffman at his very cutest did The Graduate I have to say though I watched it again recently and it didn’t stand up to the test of time the way I hoped. More obscure but truly great ! Straw Dogs , directed by the brilliant Sam Peckinpah!

I loved all Woody Allen movies but especially Annie Hall and Manhattan.

I watched many Igmar Bergman movies, cannot remember any of them so thumbs down, Peter Sellers in The Party, birdy num num,very funny and of course Being There.

The Sting, yummy Robert Redwood , and blue eyed Paul Newman.

Blazing Saddles Hilarious! These movies are all from the 70’s, there were less movies made then, but damn there were some great ones . I remember walking out of Cinema Three after watching A Clockwork Orange and my friend Bob did the whole menacing singing in the rain dance while we walked home to the west end. 1976 was a great year with films like All The Presidents Men ,as well as Network who can forget ” I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take it anymore! ” ? Taxi Driver “you talking to me?” wasn’t Robert De Nero stunning?

All the Presidents Men- the great story about the Watergate papers, really there were many political films or at least films with a message,and then there was Carrie wow  I saw that one with my Dad and when the hand shoots out of the grave my dear old Dad jumped two feet out of his seat! didn’t you?

Now that I have started I can’t stop, such good memories .How about The Conversation with Gene Hackman?or The French Connection both so great, and also Marathon Man my ex-husband used to teasingly say” Is It Safe? remember the nazi pretending to be a dentist with the drill in Hoffmans mouth? And who on earth did not want to have sex with Serpico? One of the sexiest films was Warren Beatty in McCabe and Mrs Miller?  he was also great in Heaven Can Wait .

Kramer vs Kramer with Dustin still looking good and Meryl Streep coming into her own,Of course I have to mention Deer Hunter one of Streep’s first roles, great film with a stellar cast!

Jane Fonda absolutely hit it with Klute , also great was Coming Home.Do you Remember cheering along with the audience while watching Norma Rae? The last one on my mind was the Midnight Express I have always considered myself a bad cog, how about you?

Well those are only some of the great movies from the seventies, but what entertainment ! What a privilege we have had to watch these movies.


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